Adding your business representative info

How to complete the final steps of the business verification process

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⭐ To complete this part of verification, you’ll need to be a company representative and/or the owner of your business.

Step 1: Adding a business representative

You’ll need a business representative to continue. What is a business representative?

  • A business representative could be a controller (someone who holds significant responsibilities to control, manage, or direct the business) and/or a beneficial owner.

  • A beneficial owner is someone who owns (directly or indirectly) 25% or more of the company's equity.

If you’re not a business representative or a beneficial owner, click the Invite a team member button and invite a member of your team who is.

If you are a business representative and/or beneficial owner, click the blue Add your info button to continue to the next step.

Step 2: Confirming your status as a business representative

If you do qualify as a business representative, please confirm your identity by ticking both checkboxes. Then, click the Save and continue button to proceed.

Step 3: Providing info about your business representative

Enter all of the following

  • title in the company

  • first and last name

  • phone number

  • date of birth.

If you’re a beneficial owner of the company, please be sure tick the checkbox under the title field.

When finished on this screen, click the Save and continue button to move to the next step.

Step 4: Adding your business representative's residential address

Enter your primary residential address. Again, a PO box will not be permitted.

To enter your address, first choose your country. Once you’ve chosen a country, several new fields will appear. Fill out the remaining information and continue on to the next step by clicking the Save and continue button.

Step 5: Adding a personal identification number

Select either Social Security Number or Passport number for your identification number.

Important: US citizens will need to provide a Social Security number.

When you’re done adding your personal identification number, you're ready to move on to the final step! Click Save and continue.

Step 6: Verifying your identity

Select a type of identity document to upload. You can choose between:

  • Driver license

  • State-issued ID card

  • Passport.

📸 Next, you'll need to take a photo of your chosen form of ID. See the tips below to help you take a good quality photo of your ID:

  • Place your document in a well-lit area without glare (natural light and no flash)

  • Position your document on a solid background with its edges visible

  • Check that your ID is valid and hasn’t expired

  • The document shouldn’t have broken edges, holes, or other damage

  • Make sure that the ID is in focus

  • Take a picture of the entire document and avoid cutting off any corners or sides

  • Do not obscure or redact any information provided on the ID

Once you’ve taken your photo, upload it to Routable. You can add your document by dragging and dropping the pdf, png, or jpg file into the box shown on your screen. You can also click ‘Browse files’ to find the document on your computer.

Once you’ve uploaded the document, click the Save and Continue button to continue and review and submit your information for verification.

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