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Inviting team members during business verification
Inviting team members during business verification

How to invite your colleagues to help complete the business verification process

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You can invite a team member from a few different steps of the verification process: the business step, the representative step, and the final review step. Let’s run through a quick example of how to invite a team member.

⭐ Note: Team members that you invite during the signup process are automatically granted an administrator role. You can manage your user roles once on Routable.

To invite someone to help you complete verification, click the Invite a team member button from either the business, representative, or review steps of verification.

⭐ You can also see which team members you’ve already invited by clicking the View team members button. (If no one else has been invited yet, you’ll only see your own name.)

How team member invites work

When you click the Invite a team member button, you’ll have the option to enter a team member's information, as well as any personalized instructions you’d like to add.

Once you’ve filled in the required fields, which are indicated with an *asterisk, click Send invite to send an email notification to your team member.

After sending the invite, you’ll see the new person’s information appear in the Invites table (which you can locate under Account Settings ➡️ Team members ➡️ Invites tab)

The person you just invited will remain on this list until they accept the invite or you revoke it. If the team member creates a Routable account, you’ll see their name under the All team members tab, and it will no longer appear under the Invited tab.

How invites appear

Your team member will receive an email notifying them about their invitation.

When they click the Join button, they’ll be taken to a page where they can confirm their information, create a Routable account, and access the review step.

From the Review step, the new team member can navigate throughout the flow to the business or representative steps.

They will have access to see everything that has already been completed but they cannot see another team member’s personal representative information.

Once all of the information has been completed, the team member will have access to submit the account for verification.

Manage your invited team members roles after you’re verified

Team members that you invite during the verification process are automatically granted an administrator role once they're setup in Routable.

Please take the time after you’ve been verified and on the Routable platform to change your team members' access levels.

For more information please check out this article here.

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