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Creating payables with required approvals
Creating payables with required approvals

How to create a new payable with custom approval settings

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Routable’s approvals allow you to assign approvers to payments as they are created to stay compliant with your internal policies.

When this feature is enabled, Approvers can be assigned to bills in two different ways

  1. Automatically assigning approvers based on pre-set approval rules

  2. Manually adding approvers during the creation of a payment

Automatically assigning approvers based on pre-set approval rules

To use this feature, you must set up approval rules in advance.

Once approval rules are set up, every future payment created will be assigned approvers based on certain criteria which you can use in establishing your rules, such as:

  • Bill Amount

  • Department

  • Location

  • Creator

  • Vendor

  • GL Account

  • Class

  • Item

  • Customer

  • Project (Depending on ledger integration)

Routable will continuously refresh and display the appropriate approvers as information is entered as the payment is created.

When creating payments in bulk, approvals will be applied after the payments are imported as per your approval policies.

Note: As approvers are added, you can hover over the (i) button to see which rules caused that particular approver to be included.

Important: Approvers assigned by approval rules cannot be removed from the bill.

You can learn about how to create approval rules that match your organization's policies in the article we created here to help set up pre-set approval rules.

Manually adding approvers

Any payment creator can also add one (single) approver to the approval sequence, if needed.

☝️ Note: This manually added approver can only be added to the 1st position or the last position of the approval sequence.

Important: Approvers cannot be added manually when creating payables in bulk.

You cannot manually add an approver when bulk importing payments

Only Routable users that have approval permission can be added. Non-users can never be added as an approver in Routable.If your organization does not manually add an approver, workspaces must enable this setting with Approval Settings.

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