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Configuring and customizing your approval settings
Configuring and customizing your approval settings

A guide to important settings and configurations which allow account admins to customize how approvals will work for their organizations.

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In this article, we've highlighted the settings available to workspaces that use Approvals.

Allow for manually adding approvers

This setting, if enabled, allows any creator to add one (single) approver to the approval sequence, if needed on a particular payable.

This manually added approver can only be added to the first or last position of the approval sequence.

Approvers cannot be added manually when creating payables in bulk.

Allow members with the 'approver' role to view all payables

This allows any of your team members to view all payables in Routable even if they are not listed as an approver on item. Admins and creators can already see all payables.

By default, members of your team with a approval permissions (excluding admins and creators) can view only those payables where they are listed as an approver. Once they've approved the payable, it will no longer be visible to them.

Allow for approving via email

By default, approvers need to log into Routable to approve any payments. This setting enables approvers to receive an email which can be replied to (with the word approve) in order to approve that payable.

If many of your approvers are approving on the go, then enabling this setting will be useful to them and to your team.

Manage when approvals get dismissed

To ensure that edited payables go through the appropriate approval levels, we have introduced three settings to control when approvals should be dismissed and retriggered, if and when details of a payable are edited.

Dismissing approvals will result in eliminating (wiping out) all previous approvals for a payable and restarting the approval sequence for that payment.

⭐ Important: Regardless of this setting, approvals will always be dismissed when changes are made to a payable that introduce different or additional approvers.

1️⃣ Always Dismiss

  • This option will dismiss approvals if any edit, however minor, is made to a payable.

2️⃣ Dismiss when bill amount is changed

  • This will dismiss approvals if any edit is made to the bill amount.

3️⃣ Never dismiss

  • This will not dismiss approvals when changes are made to a payable.

    • unless an edit introduced different or additional approvers.

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