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Approving payables in Routable
Approving payables in Routable

How to approve payables that require approval, according to your account settings

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You have several ways to approve payables. So you and your team can select the workflows that best suit your needs.

All approvers will be sent an email automatically when it is their turn to approve, as per the approval sequence on the bill.

Each approver will have the option to approve payables by either

  • Logging into Routable

    • By going to the "needs approval" tab in their Routable dashboard

    • By clicking on the link provided in the approval request email

  • Replying to the approval request email

Approving within Routable

Approvers can view the complete list of payables in need of approval by clicking on the Needs Approvals tab within the Payables section of the dashboard.

Within the list of Pending Approvals you can filter down further:

  • Needs my approval - these are bills that are currently pending the your approval

  • Needs team approval - these are bills that need approval from another team member

You can approve bills individually by clicking and opening any specific bill or by selecting multiple bills and approving them in bulk.

Approving individual bills

If an approver is eligible to approve, they can click the Approve button on the payable page. Once the approval is confirmed, the bill will automatically trigger a notification to the next approver (or approvers) in the sequence.

Approving bills in bulk

Approvers can select multiple bills by selecting the tick boxes of multiple bills and clicking the Approve button to simultaneously approve multiple bills in bulk.

Approving via Email

If Approve via email is enabled, approvers will be able to reply to the approval request email sent to them by Routable. The reply should include the word "approve" in the body of the email.

Note: Approve via email is disabled for all workspaces, by default, but you can change the approval settings for your workspace here.

screenshot of an approval email notification

Bypassing Approvals

In addition to approving bills, account administrators also have the ability to bypass approvals.

Bypassing approvals will skip all pending approval levels. A single level of approval cannot be bypassed.

☝️ Note: When a bill is bypassed, Routable will display which user bypassed approval, when, as well as all the complete list of users that were bypassed for compliance.


  • Bypassing approvals cannot be performed in bulk.

  • Currently, there is no ability to disable bypassing approvals for a specific administrator.

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