Creating and Assigning Custom Roles
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Custom Roles allow you to customize access privileges to user groups based on the specific needs of your organization.

With custom roles, Administrators can create unique, account-level roles with a custom set of permissions and assign it it any new or existing team member. This feature is built with the goal of simplifying effective governance of an account, ensuring necessary levels of compliance and giving the proper amount of freedom to employees within their domain.

Here is how you can create and assign custom roles

Creating a new role

To create a new role, go to Account Setting>roles. You will see all the roles (Standard or Custom) that are currently available to your organization. Note: Only Administrators or users with "Custom Roles:Create and Edit" permissions will be able to access this page.

To start creating a new role click on +Create Role

Next, enter a name for your custom role, give a description and select an existing role which it will inherit permissions from. As an example, if you select the existing role of "Approver", your new custom role will inherit the default permissions that an "Approver" has such as the ability to approve bills but not create or edit bills (amongst other permissions as well).

Note: When creating a new role, permissions must be duplicated for any existing role instead of starting from scratch.

Next, its time to customize the permissions for that role

All permissions are grouped within 4 categories

  1. Account Settings

  2. Financial Setting

  3. Vendors and Customers

  4. Payables and Receivables

You can click any of the check boxes to apply them to that role, or de-select them to remove that capability from the role.

Note: You can learn about the capabilities of each of the individual permissions here

Now you have a brand new, unique role on your account which you can assign to any team members. Continue reading to learn how this can be done below.

Assigning Roles to team members

Assigning custom roles to existing users

To assign your new role to an existing user you must go to Account settings>Team members. Click the edit (✏️) button to view the team members details, then click on their role and change it to the new role.

Assign a custom role to a new user

Once you have custom roles created, you will have the flexibility to assign these roles to team members when inviting them to your Routable workspace.

Editing or delete a custom role

Looking to rename or remove a custom role that you've created? This can easily be done by clicking on the three-dot menu on the right of any custom role.

From the resulting page, you can edit any of the permissions or rename the role.

Note: You cannot delete a role if it is assigned to any user. So ensure you reassign a different role to those users prior to deleting this role.

For any questions around custom roles, feel free to contact our Support team and we will be happy to help!

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