Identifying and resolving sync errors

Understanding and resolving sync errors with your accounting software

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The Sync errors page helps you identify and resolve sync errors as they happen so there are no surprises during your month-end close.

Navigating to the Sync errors page

Access the Sync errors page in the left side navigation by clicking on your name and then clicking on the "View sync errors" in your menu. You'll be taken to the Sync errors page within Account settings.

πŸ“· Screenshot: View sync errors

Understanding the sync errors

When you view the Sync errors page, you will see a list of sync errors and resolution steps. Once you resolve the errors, you can re-attempt to sync the records by selecting the records and clicking the "Retry records" button. Routable will attempt to sync the errors in the background so you can continue using Routable while the records are syncing. Refresh the page to see the most up-to-date sync errors.

πŸ“· Screenshot: Sync errors page

For errors that you cannot resolve on your own, reach out to our Support team via the in-app widget for additional assistance.

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